Criminal Defense

Jake Weldon handles our criminal defense cases.

He understands that while everyone makes 

mistakes, circumstances are not always as they

appear. No matter what the circumstances,

you're entitled to a thorough defense. Don't let

your pending or past criminal matter get in the

way of your future. Schedule a free consultation

to see what we can do to help (Call 770-474-9335

or email Erin at

What we handle: 

 - Felony or Misdemeanor Charges

 - Asset Forfeiture

 - Requests for Bond or Bond Modification

 - Preliminary Hearing

 - DUI and License Suspensions

 - Probation Violations & Requests to Terminate Probation

 - Traffic Tickets

 - Post Conviction Relief


 - Anywhere in Georgia for Criminal Charges (Florida and Georgia for Civil)


Criminal Defense
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