Our firm has over 25 years experience in handling case involving wrongful death, major injuries, auto accidents, medical malpractice, workers compensation, premises liability, employment law and civil rights cases throughout the Atlanta, Georgia area and around the state as well as the state of Florida.  

Auto Accidents

When your life has been turned upside down, inconvenienced and your loved ones injured because another driver was negligent, not paying attention, or deliberately doing something wrong and the big insurance companies become your enemy instead of a good neighbor, you need the help of an experienced law firm to transition you through the process and obtain just compensation for you.  We can help you fight the big insurance companies and maximize your settlement or verdict.  Call us now for assistance.

Trucking Accidents

We all know what it is like to drive on a major highway with big trucks.  We see them weaving from lane to lane from lack of sleep, tailgating or speeding to make a deadline.  When a big truck causes a collision, people can be hurt and many times die due to the size difference between the two vehicles.  If you have been injured or have a loved one who was injured or killed in a collision with a big truck, you need to call a lawyer immediately.  There is evidence that can be destroyed and many times purposefully destroyed that is essential to your case such as log sheets, black box records, gps records, phone records, driver files and many other important pieces of evidence.  Do not wait.  Seek legal assistance now to maximize the value of your claim and protect the evidence needed to prosecute your claim.

Wrongful Death

Many times the negligence of others causes the death of a loved one either in a car accident, on the job injury, medical malpractice, or through intentional harmful conduct.  When that happens, you need a firm that is experienced in not just handling the litigation to right the wrong that has been committed to the full extent that the law allows, but a firm that is skilled in paving the way to bring such an action including opening estates,  knowledgeable about who can bring the action, the damages recoverable, and the best way to recover them.  Our firm has years of experience in handling these types of claim.  Rest assured, your family's case will be zealously represented.  Call us now for assistance with your claim for the wrongful death or your loved one.

Workers Compensation

When you are injured on the job, it doesn't matter how long you have worked for your employer and how much your employer likes you.  The insurance company is in the drivers seat and many times will dictate how your employer reacts with you.  Employers and the insurance company may try to force you to go to a particular doctor and get particular treatments and may deny you the pay that you deserve.  You have rights that many times only a lawyer can secure for you.  Call us now to protect your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.

Injuries On Someone Else's Property

Property owners have a duty to keep their property safe.  If you were injured on someone else's property, perhaps a store, hotel, or some other commercial establishment and their negligence caused the injury, you have rights under Georgia law including compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. Most of the time, these big companies will not treat you fairly and refuse to pay your damages.  We have successfully obtained many six figure settlements and verdicts for injuries suffered at the hands of a property owner.  Call us now to handle your claim.

Family Law

The firm is quite capable of handling the simplest uncontested divorces to the most complex contested family law cases including child support and child custody disputes, modifications, adoptions and many others.

Criminal Defense

We all make mistakes and things aren't always as they appear. Don't let your pending criminal matter limit your future success. Let our firm help you with your criminal charges.  Jacob Weldon has years of experience handling criminal matters including everything from DUI to complex felony cases.  Call now to speak to him about your case.

Employment Claims

Did you know it is against the law to make you work through the lunch hour without pay or to make you work over 40 hours a week without compensation for overtime pay?  Employer practices like these may violate the Fair Labor Standards Act and you may be entitled to compensation for back pay, attorneys fees, and possibly even punitive damages for such practices.   

Has your employer terminated you or refused to promote you because of your age, sex, race, religion or national origin?  If so, your employer may have to compensate you for back pay, future pay, attorneys fees, and punitive damages under certain circumstances.  Call our office immediately if you have been discriminated against or been refused overtime pay.  

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